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October 14th 2020, iTiger Taekwondo Academy staff have announced our PTO donation for our schools participates. We truly appreciate every single parent who helped us through these times and gave us the opportunity for iTIGER to give back. 

We typically offer this program over the summer but due to COVID we couldn’t. The iTIGER staff were hesitant to participate this year but with encouragement and as a stand point of a parent and activist for her child’s school felt we should still attempt this. 
Thank-you Lewis Family for this! 

We started this program in 2017 finishing that year donation to these schools a grand total of $1,683.00. This year 2020 we progressed to impact these schools grand total of $12,871.00! 
Thank-you to all the schools allowing us to participate. 
Greenwood Mill elementary 2020: $1,782.00
Evendale Elementary 2020: $297.00 
Red Bud Elementary 2020: $396.00 
Indian Hollow 2020: $99.00 
This year grand total of these schools is $2,574.00!!! 

Special thank-you all PTO members who came out today and all the supportive parents

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