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Meet the Masters & Staff 

Grand Master Dong IL Kim 
Owner of iTiger

6th Degree Black Belt 

40+ Years of Taekwondo

From Seoul, South Korea

Woosong University: Studied Physical Education & Sparring

Former Korean Marine Sparring Team & University Athlete 

Lives in Winchester, VA 




Master Grace

4th Degree Black Belt

15 Years of Taekwondo

11 Years of Teaching 

iTiger Office Manager

Poomsae Team Coach 

Graduate from LFCC 

Master Jason 

5th Degree Black Belt

16 Years of Taekwondo

9 Years of Teaching 

Passion for Poomsae

Graduated from Liberty University with a Master in History  

iTiger's Instructors and Volunteers! 

Instructor Sofia  

3rd Degree Black Belt 

10 Years of Taekwondo

3 Years Of Teaching  

Qualified for Nationals in Poomsae 2024 

High School 

Instructor Mary 

After School Room Caretaker 

2nd Degree Black Belt 

8 Years of Taekwondo 

3 Years of Teaching 

High School 

Instructor Jenna 

2nd Degree Black Belt 

5+ years of Taekwondo 

1+ Year of Teaching 

Poomsae Team Member

High School  

Instructor Eddie 

1st Degree Black Belt 

4 Years of Taekwondo

1 Year of Teaching  

Former Sparring Team Member

High School  

Instructor Mary V.

2nd Degree Black Belt 

10 Years of Taekwondo 

3 Years of Teaching 

High School 

Instructor Keerthana 

5 Years of Taekwondo 

1st Degree Black Belt 

1+ Year of Teaching 

Poomsae Team Membe

High School 

Instructor Richard 

2nd Degree Black Belt 

4 years of Taekwondo

2 Years of Teaching

Sparring Team Member

High School   

Instructor Shane 

10+ years of Taekwondo 

1 year of Teaching 

Former Demo Team Member 

High School 


Master Ashley 

5th Degree Black Belt 

20+ Years of Taekwondo

Shenandoah University

Former Korean American Association Athlete

2014 Silver Medalist -67KG 95th Sports Festival


Instructor Gabe

2nd Degree Black Belt 

8+ Years of Taekwondo 

Passion for Sparring 

Certified Personal Trainer 

Past Interns at iTiger

Grandmaster Kim is also the owner of the nonprofit TOF (Taekwondo Outreach Foundation). This non-profit focuses giving back to the communities but also open an opportunity to have an internships here in the USA. This helps interns gain more experiences in their teachings and skills. 

Master Maum Han

From Gachon University, Seongnam-si, South Korea

College Major: Poomsae

Visited from: 

September - December 2011



Master Won Hee Jeong 

From Kyung Hee University, Dongdaemun-gu, South Korea 

College Major: Sparring 

Visited from June 2012 - September 2012



Master Joon Ho Ji

From Kyung Hee Univeristy, Dongdaemun-gu, South Korea

College Major: Sparring 

Visited from June- Spetember 2010 



Master Park

From Kyungpook University, Daequ, South Korea

Hometown: Daequ, South Korea

College Major: Sparring 

Visited from: January-March 2012 



Master Woodam Jeong 
4th Dan Black Belt

From Jungwon University-

         Gwanak, South Korea

College Major: Sparing

Visted from: July-November 2013




Master Hyun Woong Noh

From Kyungnam University 

Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

College Major: Poomsae

Visted from Sept- December 2012

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